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LA is awesome – the overview edition

Out of the blue!

A couple of months ago, we were in LA. I’m not sure how we ended up in LA, we were saving hard and planning a 6 week trip to India. Cue Indian elections, the odd riot and suddenly, Mummy Paranoia Mode kicked in – we could go to India another time. Next thing you know, Virgin Airlines is having a sale, and even though we can’t get sale fares for our dates, hey, LA sounds like a great idea. Now we’d never even CONSIDERED the idea of going to the USA – I’d always thought I’d want to go back to Malaysia or perhaps Vietnam. But before I could stop to think, I’d booked the family onto a flight to LA staying 2 weeks!

Anyway, once the booking was done, I was super excited. I LOVE the anticipation of planning a trip, and here was a part of the world I knew absolutely nothing about. I was in absolute trip planning heaven for the next few weeks.


Here’s a quick overview of what we did.

Week 1 – LA and it’s ‘cities’

I was determined not to do the usual Star Homes and Madame Tussaud’s type touristy stuff. Of course we did touristy stuff, but not THOSE particular ones. And we were all astonished at how much fun we had in LA – hubby was expecting tackiness and crime perhaps, but he was blown away.

We went to museums, discovered some amazing food and shopping, saw our favourite band (ok, MY favourite band) at the Hollywood bowl, went to the beach, discovered downtown LA and had a close encounter with the Walking Dead, our second favourite TV show. We also managed to fit in Hollywood (and the Walk of Fame), Rodeo Drive and Universal Studios – wouldn’t want to miss out on the classics!

LA Trip 280

Week 2 – Disneyland

The entire reason that this trip was planned in the school holidays was so that our favourite little person could enjoy it too, and we thought perhaps he might enjoy Disneyland. Unexpectedly, the adults (ok, at least in age if not maturity) loved it too, and we managed to pick a really great time to visit.

We not only enjoyed 3 whole days in Disneyland, we also managed to fit in Mickey’s Halloween Party (so so amazing. Just Do It). We also came away with a massive respect for the time, effort, quality and detail put into every aspect of the Disney experience. The shops are amazing. Not the shopping – the SHOPS.

We were also pleasantly surprised by Anaheim – away from the Disneyfied madness, we found a lovely town centre with great coffee and cafes, a great time at the Packing District and some excellent Outlet shopping.

So if you are wondering if you should go to LA, especially while the prices are low and the kids are young… Go! Now. Just vaccinate your kids first.

LA Trip 575