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A very foodie Christmas

Christmas and the extended holidays – a time for catching up with family and friends, and enjoying humongous amounts of food and drink. In New Zealand, we are so fortunate to have summer in December, and Christmas to us means bright sunny days, chilled G&Ts or white wine, and barbecues with lots of fresh salads.

We don’t always dispense with the roasts and the hams though, as tradition is a powerful thing, and more food is always welcome. 

Dad does the honours
BBQ all fired up
Drinks while we wait




Come and get it
Last but certainly not least

Hmm, I think I might have just indulged in Gluttony and Sloth as well as Peace and Joy.. oops!


The Christmas Tree is up!

The Advent Calendar has been started, the shopping is nearly complete and time off work has been booked.  Now for the final touch that says Christmas is coming:  put up the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Tree 2013
Now with bonus presents!

Still on the to-do list:
– Plan the menu for Christmas and Boxing day
– Write out and send Christmas cards
– Decorate the office
– Pay for our accommodation in Queenstown for New Year’s Eve (hooray)

How are your Christmas preparations going?